Katerina 14 november 2018

Sin-Mee is really great personal trainer. I have had hard time after my first baby to get back in shape, so I decided to get a personal trainer to help me out. She was excellent motivator, very knowledgeable (I think we went through dozens of different types of exercises to find the best one I like and that will do the job). We did running exercises, yoga, general fitness in gym, tried various training machines, relaxation breathing techniques, all sorts of “do-at-home” exercises… She was also always checking the “big picture” – how do I sleep, eat, general health issues, stress, etc. Even we did a little bit of Dutch language lessons during the exercise, because she knew I need to learn more… Before I finished my training with her, she made me a customised training scheme on an app that I can follow on my own… I cannot say in words how much I appreciate her training and help, it was very holistic and she is very friendly and kind person as well! I wish I could join also her studio in Alkmaar, but we are moving house… All the best Sin-Mee!!! You are the best :-).

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